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KUMPULAN RAHMAN BROTHERS SDN BHD or KRB is the flagship company owned by Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Ibrahim (DHAR). He formed KRB as a holding company of 17 subsidiary companies of various business interests.

DHAR ventured into business from scratch way back in 1975 in Johor Bahru, as a petty trader at pasar malam or night markets, doing door-to-door sales and later on learning his way into selling used cars.

Being new and inexperienced he faced numerous problems along the way, the major one being lack of capital. He applied for a loan from MARA and struggled on. It was during this time around 1976 – 83 that importing of Singapore-used cars and selling them in Malaysia became popular. Johor Bahru obviously became the entry-point for this activity. He saw this as a good opportunity and decided to try himself.

After overcoming numerous problems Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman made some initial success. He was encouraged by this and decided to really go all out to establish himself in the auto trading business.

He formed Syarikat Rahman Brothers Motor Sdn Bhd (SRBM) and decided to apply his own AP. After a long and tedious process he got one. With it he not only import from Singapore but went one step further. He ventured overseas by sourcing himself reconditioned cars from Japan and UK. Hence he secured himself into the auto trading business. And when in 1985 Proton cars came into the market and he was appointed dealership status and with it he was well into trading new cars too.

Around 1986 he transferred his business base from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur to get into bigger things. He started to diversify into leisure & hospitality, travel and tours, property, housing development, construction and now looking for more opportunities in international trading & logistics.

All along being a devout Muslim himself he never forgets his responsibility towards sharing and caring for others in need. This was evidence by the various charities he gave and the many masjids and suraus he helped to build.

He was awarded by the Sultan of Kedah a Dato’ship in 2000.

KRB has its Headquarters at No. 8 Jln 4/91A, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 3 ½ Jalan Cheras, 56100 W.P Kuala Lumpur. KRB serves common management services to its 17 subsidiary companies in formulation of business policies, finance, human resource and related corporate affairs.

KRB’s various subsidiary companies can be divided into four groups, the automotive group, the leisure & hospitality group, property and business development and the international trading & logistics.

A more detail listing may be found on our Group of Companies listing page.

At Kumpulan Rahman Brothers, our people are our greatest asset and the reason for our growth and success. Our company culture reaches across 1,000 people around the globe. We live by our values and make them part of everything that we do.

    Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Ibrahim
    Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman has attained his present business status through the long and hard way. After leaving the Malaysian Police Force in the middle of the seventies, he began his long and torturous business journey doing petty trading at pasar malam or night markets and door-to-door sales. While on active duty at the Malaysia-Singapore causeway he noticed a lot of Singapore registered cars entering Johor Bahru. Its stuck upon his mind that he could make money by importing used cars from Singapore and selling them in Malaysia.

    After studying the various aspects of the car import and trading business, he established Syarikat Baiduri in Johor Bahru and applied for import license from the ministry of Trade and Industry. The Ministry approved a monthly quota of 5 Approved Permits (APs) to him which is later increased to 15 and subsequently 20 APs because of his good performance. During that period he started importing reconditioned cars from Japan. In the mid 80’s he formed a limited company with the name of Syarikat Rahman Brothers Motor Sdn Bhd (SRBM) to take over the car importation and trading business from Syarikat Baiduri and shifted his operation from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur.

    Fully understanding that the granting of APs by the government would not be permanent, Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman started venturing into other fields of business beginning with establishing a Proton parts factory and a Proton car dealership business. Later he expanded into the travel and tour business, metal plate manufacturing, property development and construction.

    With the opportunities available in the global market, Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman has taken steps to set his foot in China by being involved in the restaurant and trading business. Next is the expansion into hotel, restaurant and trading businesses in the Middle east.

    Like any other successful businessman in similar mould, Dato’ Hj Abdul Rahman has undergone many ups and down along the journey, but to him these were all test from Allah the Almighty which at the end of the day instilled the spirit of perseverance, patience and tolerance into his character.

    Dato’ Hj Ikram Jamaluddin
    As a former Malaysian Administrative and Diplomatic officer, Dato’ Hj Ikram Jamaluddin has a vast experience in the public service having served in various capacities in the Implementation Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department, the ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Batang Padang (Perak) District and Land Office and the Ministry of National Unity and Social Development. His last position in government was as Executive Director of Management Services in the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He had also served on the Boards of the Frasers Hill Development Corporation, the Perak State Agriculture Development Corporation and IIUM Consulting Services Sdn Bhd. He had represented Malaysia in international meetings and conferences in Dhaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, Geneva and Belfast. Dato’ Hj Ikram graduated with B.A. (Hons) in economics from the University of Malaya and Master in Public Administration from Pennsylvania State University.

    Mr. Siow Ah Liu
    Mr. Siow Ah Liu started work in the Pineapple Cannery Malaysia Sdn Bhd as a accounting assistant. He later joined Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman’s car trading company in a similar capacity and later rose to be the company’s sales manager. As Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman’s business expanded Mr Siow promoted to be the Finance Director and also the General Manager.

    Ms. Erni Erdawaty Bt. Dato’ Haji Abdul Rahman
    The new ADOF (Assistant Director of Operations & Finance) Erni was appointed as Assistant Director of Operations & Finance KRB effective 1 April 2008. She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University, US, majoring in Management Studies in 2000. Upon graduation she joined SRB Construction in 2001 and then moved to manage the SRB Travel & Tours for 2 years. In 2006 she left and worked in similar fields in other companies while at the same time run her own boutique known as CHARMS in Sri Hartamas.

    After almost two years she rejoined KRB. With her vast experiences and having earlier known the KRB operations Erni will be suited to her new role as ADOF. In her new position she will assist the management in the company’s daily operations and also in areas of finance.

    En. Md Khir Hj Ibrahim
    En. Md Khir has a long experience in car trading in car trading in the United Kingdom (UK) and Malaysia. Currently he sits on the Board of Directors of SRB Perumahan Sdn Bhd and is an Alternate Director on the Board of SRB Motor Sdn Bhd.


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